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My tips for purchasing a home oven

May 16, 2015



Please note that these tips are based on my experience in Israel


  1. Price - Get the cheapest (and if you are designing your new kitchen, do yourself a favor and get 2 ovens).

  2. Illumination -  It is best to get an oven with 2 lamps. Bur make sure there is an easy access for  replacing the bulb.

  3. Thermometer - No matter what brand you buy, they are never accurate with the temperature. In order to know how to adjust the temperature, just get a thermometer in a baking supplies store.

  4. Temperature setting - I prefer a manual the temperature setting knob. (see tip 2 above)

  5. Cooking plans: Upper heat, lower heat, both together and turbo, will do just fine.

  6. Levels - Make sure there are at least 3 shelves and preferably 4

  7. Rails - No No! They reduces the interior size of the oven. Also removing the hot baking trays is dangerous ans can cause burns.

  8. Door -  Give up any decorations on the clear part of the oven (the glass) that will hide the interior.  

  9. Ventilation - Make sure there is a front ventilation to cool off the door.

  10. Service - Be sure that the service is given by a trusted  company. 

  11. Size - The interior sizes vary a bit, so If you have a tray that you like, take it with you and make sure it fits in.

  12. Timer - Make sure the timer also turns the oven off - not just beeping. 

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