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In each of these recipes there is something close to my heart, whether it is a recipe with a special story, or a my own version and of course traditional Swiss recipes, most of which I received from my mom, grandmother, aunts and friends. Here you will find sweet and savory recipes and some food too.

Schoggi S



Very Swiss chocolate meringues

swiss carrot cake

This amazing cake originates in Aargau, and all versions include little marzipan carrots with white glaze and Kirsch for topping

damson plums tart

This is the ultimate Swiss fruit tart I grew up on. There is a silent competition in the family on the best version.

rum choco ball

This takes me back to my childhood in Luzern. My beloved Grandpa Papapa used to treat me to these at the best pastry shop in town. 

Nesselrode cream pie

A recipe restored at the request of a relative missing her childhood tastes in New York. Apparently "Nesselrode" has a story.


They are almost identical to  the Moroccan "peanut buttons", but just almost.  Its Swiss original, with kirsch and all....

Pressburger and Poppy

The two P's- Pressburger and Poppy go together wonderfully. Perfect dough for 'yeast fear' and a filling to break any poppy hater.

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Swiss Rhubarb Cake

The sour, sweet taste of the Rhubarb stems takes me back to my childhood in Switzerland. It not well known in Israel...yet

zuger kirsch torte

This Swiss cake is named after its origin in the city of Zug near Luzern in Switzerland. This is definitely not a cake for kids....

swiss sultanina mini tart

Something cute I found in  mom's old books. Truly anyone can, especially the delicious filling made of... custard powder.

lemon concord

This is the ultimate dessert for Passover. Looks great, delicious and gluten free. It tastes good non dairy as well - see in recipe.

chocolate fondant

I worked on this recipe for 18 months. The outcome was well worth it. It is easy to make, fully cooked yet completely fluid inside.   

st. Gallen Bars

The Swiss version for Linzer Torte (just added cocoa). My Mamama's version cut into bars and that's how we like it.

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half & half bread

All my life I made Challa of white flour, and wanted to try something new. Check out the video tutorial for a 6 strand braiding

yud's Kugel

This kugel is a mix I made from a number of recipes This is how we like it

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swiss sour crout tart


swiss onion tart


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mazal's pickled lemon

Almonds and lemon are my favorite raw materials. Lemon in every shape and form. Mazal Yivgi's pickled lemon is no less than a treat!

swiss Gefilte fish & Khrein

It is amusing to think that the only time I made this was in a competition, and did pretty good. I even got a medal

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This was no doubt my favorite childhood dish. It very refreshing and tasty and healthy. what else can you ask for? 

muzna's cabbage rice

Thanks to this dish, I learned that Muzna is a divine cook. I found out what Allspice was, and got that it is OK to eat from the pot.

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