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Sigep 2017 - Championship

Haolam Haboker - TV show

In 2007, Israel participated for the first time in the bread competition in Rimini Italy. I was part of the team and created a baked statue of Maimonides' tomb in Tiberias.
This year, 10 years later, I created the baked sculpture called Israeli Innovation. The sculptor traveled with the Israeli team to the Champion's Championship.


Piaza Armerina, Sicily 2013

In March 2013 I went with my team to represent Israel at a Mediterranean food festival in honor of St. Joseph's Day. The festival took place in the town of Piazza Armerina in Sicily and was a wonderful experience for all of us.   read more.

Israel 21C


Sigep food show celebrated its 30 anniversary.

I was invited together with other pastry chefs to prepare some wearable accessories made of edible food stuff , to look like a famous Italian fashion designer creation. I chose Fendi.

Some amazing ex Miss Italy participated in the a fashion show wearing our cretions.

My marzipan "Fendi" Accessories were a hit.

"The Club" talk show

March 2008

An interview following the publishing of a book by Prof. Carlo Schtrenger and Arie Rotenberg about the benefits of a third career 

With Sigal at the "Violets" talk show

February 2005

Following the Marzipan modeling competition where I got 1 place 

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Things I said/wrote or was written about me

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