The food industry encompasses within it a broad range of artistry and creativity,  though it is not without its challenges.

Food Art is frequently used and creativity widely applied in the creation of pastry and desserts, which are mainly made with indulgence in mind. This endeavour demands a perfect experience of taste, aroma, shape and color, as first and foremost it is "food for the eyes".

Here you will find a collection of images of my pastry works and food art, recipes, tutorials, tips, stories, thoughts and more.

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Who am I...

I was born in Luzern, Switzerland. We immigrated to  Israel when I was 7.

I raised a wonderful Israeli family, yet the Swiss roots are deeply ingrained in me.

My name is Judith Zer-Aviv, and by my friends and acquaintances I am called YUD, a nickname derived from my Swiss childhood nickname - Yuditli.

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