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Swiss damson tart

A family recipe passed to me from my grandmother through my Mom both great bakers. This is the ultimate Swiss fruit tart on which I grew up and there is a hidden competition between my brothers and cousins at every family  reunion on who prepares the most delicious and beautiful one.

Ingredients for the crust:

makes two 24cm pie shells

150 grams butter/good quality margarine (Blue Band) 

250 grams all purpose flour

1 egg

60 grams sugar

2 tablespoons water

A pinch of salt

Preparation of the crust:

Blend fat with sugar

Add egg and continue stirring.

Add water and salt and continue stirring

Add the flour and continue stirring until the flour is absorbed.

Wrap in plastic wrap and cool for at least two hours.

Roll to a thickness of about 3 millimeters and place in a pie tin. Coole again till filling is ready.

1 Kg Damson plums 
Rinse and cross the plums in length, remove the core, and with a sharp knife make two cuts at the end of each half plum. Arrange them on the crust with the cut up part

Creme Royal:
1 Sour cream container (200 ml)
1 egg
30 grams  sugar
Half a teaspoon vanilla extract


Beat together all the ingredients and pour over the damsons. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 C on the lower third of the oven until the edges of the crust brown and the royal cream is golden. (About 40 minutes)


Due to the short season of the Damsons (in Israel), I use canned damsons when out of season .

You can also replace the damsons Granny Smith or Grand Alexander apples, or apricots, or a combination of apples and rhubarb pieces.

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