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Meir Garden, Tel Aviv, 2016

My own 10 commandment

May 2, 2016


I wrote this to myself many years ago.  I keep on my laptop so I will never forget what I want to live by.

  1. I do not raise my voice, and no one raises their voice at me.

  2. When I get angry, I force myself to shut up, and take 10 minutes to analyze the situation. In most cases I will discover that I either misunderstood, or that I was wrong. If I am right, self humor usually takes care of things.

  3. I will always ask for forgiveness if I hurt someone, whether intentionally or not, also from small children and also many years later.

  4. I don't lie. The truth is always less painful (and a lie is always revealed).

  5. I don't hold grudge -forgetfulness is a wonderful thing.

  6. I'll never stop learning. From every human being I learn something new - especially from students and colleagues.

  7. Can't  tolerate harming people in general, and the weak in particular.

  8. To refresh my "collection of smiles," I try to help everyone I can - even strangers and in every possible way.

  9. I respect and appreciate hard working professionals who take their work seriously. They usually become close friends.

  10. We all want to be accepted and loved, but one can't please everyone, and that's fine. Between us, the difference between respect and love is merely semantics.

Judith Zer Aviv


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