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This ball takes me back to my childhood when I stuck my nose to the pastry shops display cases in Switzerland, and later at "Krups" in Haifa (German style) and "Yehudit" in Tel Aviv (Hungarian style).  And even today, no fancy modern dessert  can replace the balls or chocolate cones that were so popular back then.


The recipe is makes  6 balls of 170 grams (the size of a tennis ball) or 53 petit fours.


150 g  crushed walnuts

375 g  cake crumbs

60 g cocoa powder

120 g  sugar

1 tablespoon rum (real not extract)

70 g butter 

40 gs dark chocolate

150 g double cream

75 g  chocolate vermicelli

50 g dark whipped cream for decoration

Cherries-candied or fresh for decoration


  1. Melt  the chocolate, butter, cream and sugar in a small pot on low heat stirring constantly

  2. Mix the cocoa, and cake crumbs well

  3. Add the crumbs with the cocoa to the melted mixture and stir well.

  4. Add the rum and cool for at least an hour

  5. Roll balls to the desired size

  6. Cool another hour

  7. Roll the ball in chocolate vermicelli and place in a paper cup.

  8. Decorate with chocolate whipped cream and half a cherry (fresh or candied)

Yud's Choco ball
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