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Knowledge sharing in focused workshops

I share the knowledge I have accumulated in workshops focused on food art, bread show pieces, sugar and marzipan, as well as in a decorative pastry mainly in traditional recipes. The workshops are held in small groups, most of them are hands on. They and are intended for Food esthetics and baking lovers,  is no previous experience is required. Details of the workshops are available below. The workshops are usually held in Hebrew but can also be ordered in English, including the training material that accompanies each workshop. Most of the workshops can be adapted to small groups of children and youth. The workshops take place in Kfar Saba. To view the workshop calendar click here.

Deco. Pastry

Workshops for mamul design challah braiding, classic tort cakes and more

Food Art

Workshops in bread sculpture, sugar flowers, marzipan sculpture and more

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