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Photographed turorials

Work processes I have taken over the years, most of them appear here in nine stages. 
 (The page will be refreshed from time to time with more tutorials)
Easy ring lining
Easy ring lining

I have often seen people getting tangled up with a ring, using two layers - one of parchment  and another of aluminum foil, and cut and paste and all sorts of other unnecessary actions.

I learned this technique during my studies in Tadmor. I have just perfected this method with a stapler that has two advantages:

Takes up less space on the baking tray and lets you bake another product at the same time.

Remains tightly closed and doesn't not open during baking.

It is very easy to release the cake from the ring (after it has cooled) by gently pulling the staples triangle tab.

In fact, with a silicone mat you may even bake even without covering the bottom but ... it's a risk as the ring really needs to be very straight and the baking tray must be very thick and heavy.

pomegrenate branch
Cold Porcelain Pomegranate branch
fox cake
Making a fox cake

I made this fox at the beginning of my career for my son's birthday when he named his studio "SHUAL" (fox in Hebrew).

Unfortunately, it was filmed before it dried up and it is still shiny.


Mushon brought up the preparation stages of this cake, where you can also see other foxes from other materials that his friends and colleagues sent him.


I feel very flattered to be there among all the other fox artists.


Click on the image to view.

Making a fondant Labrador
Sugar labrador
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