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Schoggi S

Schoggi S

The name of this cookie "Schoggi S" derives from its shape. Schoggi (pronounced Shoki), is the way Swiss call chocolate, and S pertains to its shape. This is actually a chocolate meringue cookie  and is considered a typical Swiss delicacy. You will find it in every supermarket also in other flavors like coffee and more. This cookie does not contain any fat except that of the chocolate, and has only 4 ingredients but ..... It is very important to accurately maintain the Italian meringue preparation otherwise it will be ruined (if it happens, do not throw it out, see tips below) .
If prepared properly, the outside should be hard and crunchy and the inside a divine chocolate cream 
As a meringue lover, this is one of my favorites, and besides eating it as a cookie you may also use it for different decorations (see misses below).

ingredients for about 80 pcs. 

100 grams Egg white

33 grams sugar

235 grams sygar

85 grams water

135 grams dark chocolate

(I like adding a teaspoon of instant coffee powder but it is a variation)


100 grams Egg White

135 grams dark chocolate

135 grams sugar

33 grams sugar

85 grams water

piping bag with a # 7-9 star tip


whip egg white wuth 33 g sugar to soft snow 

Cook water with 235 g sugar to 120°C

מכינים סירופ


In the meantime  carefully melt the chocola in a smal pan, (no tempering is required). Let it cool off but avoid setting

ממיסים את השוקולד


Pipe "S" shape cookies -about 6 cm long on  parchment paper (see video demo below)

מזלפים צורת אס


carefully pour the hot syrup while whipping.

avoid pouring over the ball to prevent spatter

יוצקים תוך כדי הקצפה


Pour the melted chocolate over the meringue and combine gently using a spatula.

Do not use the mixer for this!!!

מוסיפים לקצף


Bake 15 minutes in 170°C.(read more about baking methods in "tips")



 Keep the mixer on high speed till the meringue cools off

it is very important to let it cool completely

מקציפים עד קרור


fill a piping bag with a # 7-9 star tip with this thick meringue

מקפלים לתערובת סמיכה


The cookies are ready once they detache for the paper easily.

Do not touch them till they cool completely
as only then they harden

ממתינים לצינון מלא


Baking methods - The professional recipe this is based on (from the Richmont Center in Lucerne) recommends baking at 170 ° C.  This method produces a darker and drier cookie. But in my experiments adiscovered another way of baking that also serves me with the Luxembourgerli (Swiss macaroons).

My method: 5 minutes at 150 ° C using Turbo, then rotate the tray, turn off the turbo and lower to 100 ° C for another 15 to 20 minutes.
I prefer this one. The result is lighter, and a softer cookies on the inside.
Both are delicious and it really is a matter of taste. In both cases the cookies are ready when they are easily detached from the parchment. In both cases, do not touch them until they cool completely and then they also harden.


The photo shows the difference in both shape and color:
The one on the right was baked at high temperature, and the one on the left at lower temperature combined with turbo and tray rotation.

Video demo

Other uses

They can be used for decoration as well

and last long.

Here is an idea to decorate a sponge covered with mousse or cream. Just add a candle

Fixing errors

If the batter does'nt form and stays liquid (usually when not waiting for the meringue and/or chocolate to cool), you will not be able to turn in back into a meringue, but something new and very tasty can be produced. Simply add almond powder until the batter sets, yet still soft. Pour into paper cups and bake at 160°C. Let them set for 24 hours as they will be much tastier.


You may freeze the cookies (also the "mistakes") for 3-4 months.
Outside the refrigerator in an airtight container they are kept for about two weeks

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