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The Wolves fable

July 21, 2014

This smart tale was posted by my friend
Carol Walker Gunter on her FB page, and is an appropriate preface to what I wrote below: 

An old Cherokee Indian said to his young grandson "My dear grandson, you know that there is a battle between two wolves within each of us, one is bad - rage, envy, greed, hatred, inferiority, lies and ego.  The other one is good - joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth. "


The boy pondered a little, then asked: "Grandpa, which of the two wolves wins?"
The old man answered quietly:
"The winning wolf is the one you feed."


Some of my good friends bother to send me articles and posts trying to convince me of my "mistake" so that I will agree with their political views.

This is quite surprising considering the fact that I do not recall advertising my opinions. I did not mention whether I was right-wing or leftist, or whether I was for or against one action or another.  My opinions are my own.

What is not surprising is that both sides -  right and leftists - have taken a monopoly on justice, humanity, love, and patriotism, and now also on pain and sorrow.

Each of the two sides also knows best what needs to be done. If the prime minister was listening to them everything would have been OK now.

What really bothers me is the net war "in the name of justice" created by this, and the terrible manner people express themselves.

Some called me right wing raging bully and others think that I am a stinking leftist traitor.

I am trying to tell myself that all of them are good people and they all in pain, and this is their way to release tension and once everything is back to normal all the demons will be back in the bottle and I will get my good friends back.

Think carefully which wolf you choose to feed.

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