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Fancy Cakes

Pastry Gallery


Cake design is an endless world of creation. My experience includes ginger bread dough, rolled fondant (sugar paste) marzipan, chocolate, meringue and creams. I am opening  my show with wedding cakes that are usually coated with white sugar paste. Scroll down for 3 additional albums: Kids, Ben/Bat Mitzvah and other events. Click for Pastry Gallery, and Food Art



I was familiar with ginger and marzipan dough since childhood because of the Christmas cakes and candies of my Swiss neighbors. I heard about sugar paste for the first time when I was studying  pastry art at Tadmor. It is a wonderful material, that allows great creativity so much that you sometimes forget that  it is food. Yet Marzipan will always be my favorite because of its taste and mainly because of tradition.

Bar/Bat Mitzva
Bar & Bat Mizva

Bat / Bat Mitzvah is a special event for me. In the past it was taken for granted that I was making bar / bat mitzvahs cake for my nieces and nephews. This evolved into an exciting event. My nephews come over for two days of fun during which we get to know each other better . We go to a movie, restaurant and shopping for the event. Also making a bar / bat mitzvah cake for those interested, or something else in the kitchen. This is my gift for the Bar Mitzvah and its sweet memory stays with us for many years.

Other events

It's true that kids birthdays and weddings are the main reason for making fancy cakes , but not only. Birthday cakes of "big kids" allow even more creativity and self-expression.

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